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HSE stands for the Health and Safety Executive and is the governing body responsible for health and safety policy, and the enforcement of health and safety law within the UK.

HSE racking regulations recommend having an expert racking inspection done at least once a year, as well as undertaking regular racking inspections from trained personnel within your business. At A-Z Rack Inspections Ltd we can provide expert racking inspections from an experienced SEMA-approved racking inspector (SARI).

Read more about HSE's racking and warehouse safety regulations below, or alternatively view and download the HSE’s HSG76 document.

HSG76 is the Health & Safety Executive legislative guide that deals with all aspects of Warehousing & Storage from racking design and layout to the health and safety requirements within a storage facility. Included within this guide are clear recommendations detailing the importance of conducting racking inspections and the types and frequencies of racking inspections that are required within a warehouse.

Below are the relevant extracts governing the need and frequency of racking inspections, and the level of expertise required for each type:

Section 642 states: 'To ensure that a racking installation continues to be serviceable and safe, the storage equipment should be inspected on a regular basis. The frequency of inspections depends on a variety of factors that are particular to the site concerned, and should be determined by a nominated ‘person responsible for racking safety’ (PRRS), to suit the operating conditions of the warehouse. This will take into account the frequency and method of operation, together with the dimensions of the warehouse, the mechanical equipment used, and the personnel involved, all of which could damage the structure of the racking system.'

The inspection methodology follows a three-tier hierarchical approach to inspections. The end-user is responsible for two of the three tiers as detailed below:

Tier 1

Section 643 advises: 'Immediate reporting: As soon as a safety problem or damage is observed by any employee, it should immediately be reported to the PRRS. You should have systems in place for reporting damage and defects, and additionally, all employees involved within the warehouse should have received clear, documented training, information, and instruction on the safe operation of the racking system. This training should include safe working loads, recognition of pallet types and how these should be stored within the racking system, suitability and condition of pallet/loads, correct use of MHE, and should also highlight any elements that affect their safety and the safety of others.'

Tier 2

Section 645 proposes: 'Visual Inspections: The designated PRRS (as stipulated by HSG76 and the SEMA guidelines) should ensure that inspections are made at weekly or other regular and frequent intervals based on the end user’s risk assessment and a formal written record should be maintained. The PRRS should also have the authority to segregate, decommission or otherwise put the damaged racking into quarantine until repairs have been affected.'

Tier 3

Section 646 asserts: ‘Expert’ Inspections: A technically competent person should carry out inspections at intervals of not more than 12 months. A written report acceptable to the requirements of HSG 76 should be submitted to the PRRS, with observations and proposals for any action necessary.' Section 647 continues, stating: 'A technically competent person might be a trained specialist within an organisation, a specialist from the rack supplier, or an independent qualified rack inspector...... such as a SEMA-Approved Rack Inspector (SARI).

Although Tier 3 is technically where A-Z Rack Inspections Ltd comes in, following our inspection we can advise and assist your organisation in setting up the Tier 1 and Tier 2 elements for your internal reporting and inspections processes. Our SEMA-Approved Rack Inspectors are trained and ready to inspect your racking and provide a detailed SARI report that highlights every aspect of your racking, shelving, and health and safety issues within your storage facility. IT IS NOT JUST A DAMAGE REPORT.

The most important element of the Three-Tier Inspection process is TO ENSURE THAT ANY REPAIR/REMEDIAL WORK IS COMPLETED AT THE EARLIEST OPPORTUNITY. This is to ensure the continued, uninterrupted use of your warehouse and more importantly, create a safe working environment for your personnel.

View or download a PDF copy of the HSG 76 document here: