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Ensure Racking Safety with our SEMA Approved Racking Inspectors

A-Z Rack Inspections Ltd - Peter Hills - SEMA Approved Racking Inspector - Reg. No. 0310A-Z Rack Inspections Ltd - Peter Hills - SEMA Approved Racking Inspector - Reg. No. 0310

SARI Reg. No. 0310

Peter Hills is the founder and managing director of A-Z Rack Inspections Ltd. He has enjoyed a wide-ranging, extensive career within the storage equipment industry, having gained over 25 years of experience designing, modifying, repairing, and selling racking installations and associated components. Peter added to his skill set by becoming a fully qualified SEMA-approved racking inspector and has more recently successfully completed qualifications in inspecting Cantilever racking.

Peter started his career with Action Storage Systems Ltd in 1984, having previously been involved in the office furniture design industry. Peter specialised in warehouse layout, system design, and contract management, and worked for several other large organisations before moving progressively towards owning his own business, A-Z Storage Systems Ltd in 2005. A-Z Storage Systems Ltd continues to be an extremely successful business, providing storage solutions and installation services to many well-known companies, as well as providing services for repairing and modifying companies racking installations.

Peter’s experiences within the storage equipment industry differ from those of other people who are working within this sector, as he has spent time both designing and installing racking systems. Consequently, Peter has a more holistic approach to both health and safety within the warehouse, as his in-depth knowledge about a range of different manufacturers' racking systems gives him a greater awareness of how these should be correctly installed, which he can specifically relate to his expert rack inspections.

Peter founded A-Z Rack Inspections Ltd in 2020, with the main aim of providing excellent, expert rack inspection services to all industries and market sectors, so that companies can ensure that they meet their health and safety legislation and obligations. An advantage of using our company to conduct your expert rack inspection is that Peter can coordinate, and affect any remedial repairs through our sister company A-Z Storage Systems Ltd, to bring your storage facility back to optimum efficiency and safety.

SEMA - Peter Hills - Sema Approved Rack Inspector
SEMA - Peter Hills - Sema Approved Rack Inspector

We offer impartial, expert racking inspections nationwide, undertaken by a SEMA Approved Racking Inspectors (SARIs), and provide a fully independent service, meaning that we have no ties with any racking manufacturer, and therefore can purchase remedial materials from them all. We pride ourselves on being transparent throughout the whole service, helping you avoid the pitfalls of repetitive remedial works and unnecessary annual repair costs. Our aim is to educate businesses to ensure correct procedures are followed and implemented in-house. An additional service that we can provide is on-site rack awareness training for your personnel, which is specifically designed around your racking installations within your facility. We strongly believe that increased awareness will help to reduce levels of damage and improve your warehouse racking safety procedures.