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Annual Racking Inspections - A-Z Rack Inspections Ltd

Racking that is damaged or unsafe can be of tremendous risk to your personnel and organisation. If failure of the racking was to occur, this can have a significant impact on your warehouse operations.

​Hazards that can occur are:

  • Endangerment of employees/visitors.

  • Damage or loss of products.

  • Penalties, heavy fines or prosecution, and possible imprisonment.​

​To have peace of mind that you are minimising the risk of any damage occurring within your warehouse, you need to ensure that you are operating your equipment in the safest manner possible. Our experienced SEMA Approved Racking Inspectors is trained to conduct independent, expert racking inspections for all types of pallet racking, from your standard pallet racking, and Cantilever Racking, to the more complex Drive-In Racking and Live-Storage Pallet racking systems.

Choosing A-Z Rack Inspections Ltd to complete your annual racking inspection, provides an opportunity for our SEMA Approved Racking Inspectors to fully examine the overall structure and functionality of your racking system, to ensure you remain compliant with current workplace health & safety requirements and legislation.

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How We Conduct a Racking Inspection:


This document defines the elements included within a visual floor-level inspection to pallet racking within a working warehouse. The racking inspection will be carried out in accordance with the SEMA's Code of Practice for racking inspections using the SEMA damage classification system.

Included within the inspection is an overall assessment of the warehouse as follows:

  • Load Notice Data Check.

  • System Verticality.

  • Beam Deflection.

  • Rack Damage Inspection.

  • Completion of Red Risk Notifications and Action Needed.

  • Overall Environment Inspection includes:

    • Storage Equipment Suitability.

    • Installation Assessment.

    • Pallet Inspection.

    • Gross MHE Assessment.

    • Housekeeping.

Not Included is:

  • Detailed Inspection of MHE.

  • Detailed Inspection of the Floor Slab.

We can undertake high-level inspections using a scissor lift, for which we hold current licenses however, this will potentially have cost implications as; (a) this will take longer to complete and (b) we will need to include the cost of the relevant MHE.

SECTION 2 – Red Risk:

On completion of the racking inspection, the site contact will be de-briefed by the inspector, providing details of any immediate red risk concerns and health and safety issues that need correcting quickly.

SECTION 3 – Report:

The Rack Inspection Report will be submitted within 10 working days from the racking inspection and will include, a damage report detailing the exact nature of the damage, the location of the damage, and also advise what remedial action is required. It will also comment on all the sections discussed above and will provide relevant supporting literature and references. Finally, it will list the materials that are required for the remedial work to be undertaken, but most importantly this report will meet the requirements of HSG 76 as legislated by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Pallet Racking Manufacturers That We Inspect:

  • Dexion

  • Mecalux

  • Link 51

  • Apex

  • AR Racking

  • RediRack

  • PolyPal

  • Esmena

  • Sperrin

  • Hilo

  • PSS

  • SSI Schaffer

  • Stakepal

  • Stow

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