Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need a racking inspection?

  • If you are an owner or user of a racking system, then the answer is YES. You will need a racking inspection from a SEMA approved racking inspector at least once a year and regular internal racking inspections from competent staff. This is HSE’s advice as outlined in HSG76 Warehousing and storage: a guide to health and safety. It’s not legally binding, but following the advice in this document means that “you will normally be doing enough to comply with the law”.

Who are SEMA?

  • SEMA (Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association) is the leading British Trade Association for the Storage Equipment Industry. We proudly represent the warehouse and storage sector in the HSE committee, advocating for safety and excellence in storage equipment standards.

Are Racking Inspections a Legal Requirement in the UK

  • No, but various pieces of legislation and government guidance suggest they are a good idea. The HSE's guidance recommends annual inspections by a SEMA Approved Racking Inspectors, along with regular inspections by competent staff.

  • Additionally, the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER) require that work equipment, including racking, be inspected after installation or if the equipment sustains any damage.

  • Moreover, the European standard EN 15635 mandates that racking should be inspected by an expert at least once a year. While this standard doesn't specifically mention SEMA Approved Racking inspectors, the HSE does. Therefore, using SEMA approved inspectors will ensure compliance with this European standard.

What is a SEMA Approved Racking Inspector?

  • A SEMA Approved Racking Inspector has to pass through rigorous testing by SEMA to receive their SEMA Approved Racking Inspectors qualification. Their are SEMA approved racking inspectors across the world, with inspectors operating in the UK, Ireland, Spain, Poland, Finland, the UAE, Singapore, and China.

  • Alongside the SEMA Approved Inspectors qualification, SEMA also runs cantilever racking inspection training. This top-up training course is designed for SEMA Approved Racking Inspectors who also want to be experts on cantilever racking inspections. Our SEMA Approved Racking Inspector Peter Hills holds all the qualifications.

What is the SEMA Code of Practice?

  • The SEMA Code of Practice is made up of several different documents by SEMA which outline best practice on warehouse safety. Each one can be purchased separately from the SEMA website. For free guidance, refer to HSE’s HSG76 or for guidance on a specific issue, HSE may recommend a specific SEMA Code of Practice.

What is HSE?

  • HSE (Health and Safety Executive) is the official government body responsible for health and safety in the workplace. They often work with SEMA and other organisations to write health and safety law and to offer guidance on all things related to health and safety.