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Load notices are signs that are used to tell your staff:

  • how to use the pallet racking correctly.

  • how not to use the pallet racking.

  • how to safely maintain a particular racking system.

Load notices are an important part of your racking system and need to be displayed clearly on your racking system. If you don't have load signs you run the risk of your operators overloading the racking system. This puts unnecessary pressure on your racking system, which can lead to racking collapses, which can be fatal/

According to HSE’s HSG76 Warehousing and Storage: A Guide to Health and Safety, all racking systems require load notices. HSE law and SEMA influence require load notices to legally look a certain way, therefore it is your organisation's responsibility to ensure that all load notices meet SEMA guidelines. If your racking system doesn’t have load signs, then you are not following the HSE’s advice and legislation.

An EU Directive combined with HSE law and SEMA influence means that load notices legally need to look a certain way. In other words, all load notices need to be SEMA-style load notices. If your racking system doesn’t have a load notice, you are running counter to HSE’s advice.

Load notices in the UK should look as HSE, HSA, the EU, and SEMA recommend. For pallet racking systems, here’s an example of what a load notice should look like:

A detailed, expert racking inspection by a SEMA Approved Racking Inspector (SARI) should be completed to assess the condition and functionality of the racking system before a new load notice is displayed. This is because if any damage has occurred, or if any incorrectly installed pallet racking was identified within the racking inspection, it would almost certainly reduce the strength of the racking system, therefore the racking may no longer support the correct racking loads that the original racking system was designed for.

If you don’t have any load notices fitted on your racking system, then you should contact the supplier of your racking system and ask for these to be provided. If the supplier of your racking were responsible for the installation of the racking then they should have information on the type and strengths of the racking as well as the configuration. This information is integral as it affects the load capacities of the racking system, and dictates how heavy or light each pallet should be.

If the supplier of your racking systems is not available, then you will need assistance to identify the manufacturer of your racking systems, the strengths and dimensions of the various components within the system, and accurately record the configuration of those components. Once this information has been collected, it can be used to work out the appropriate load capabilities, using information from the manufacturer's technical specifications and data for the racking system. DON'T DELAY, GET AN EXPERT RACK INSPECTION FROM A-Z RACK INSPECTIONS LTD TODAY, AND ENSURE YOUR LOAD NOTICES CONFORM TO SEMA AND HSG76 SPECIFICATIONS.

Load Signs for Pallet Racking
Load Signs for Pallet Racking