Rack Awareness Training

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Rack Awareness Training

Rack Safety Awareness Course:

Our rack safety awareness course can be completed in one day, conveniently held at your warehouse facility.

Choosing to conduct the training course on-site allows our SEMA Approved Rack Inspector to tailor the content to align with the specific racking system you have as well as address the unique operational aspects of your business at the warehouse facility.

The course covers the essential aspects of rack safety inspections, covering topics such as the necessity for inspections, conducting risk assessments for storage equipment, and the subsequent actions required upon completion. It adheres to the SEMA codes of practice, and industry standards, and reviews the latest legislation.

Key subjects covered include:

  • Understanding the importance of racking inspections.

  • Legislative requirements and identifying responsible people for internal racking inspections.

  • Types of inspections and recommended frequencies.

  • Proper documentation of inspections and internal repair records.

  • Identifying key aspects during the racking inspection process.

  • Recognising types of racking damage and maintaining detailed records.

  • Actionable steps and corrective measures for ensuring racking safety.

  • Understanding loading configurations and the weight capacities of racking systems.

  • Conducting a comprehensive risk assessment of your warehouse facility.

  • Managing different levels of risk effectively.

Our training is designed to incorporate information specific to the racking systems in use at your warehouse. Additionally, participants receive a PDF racking inspection sheet for recording future internal inspections.

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