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Rack Safety Awareness Training Course

At A-Z Rack Inspections Ltd, our coverage spans the entire UK, and we are prepared to conduct a comprehensive one-day training session directly at your warehouse.

We highly recommend hosting this course at your facility to ensure the utmost relevance of our training content to the specific pallet racking systems employed in your warehouse. Our approach incorporates a practical element, allowing hands-on training on your racking. This practical aspect is integral for understanding how to assess and categorize any potential damage or faults effectively.

Who Should Participate?

Attendance in this training is crucial for forklift truck drivers and operators of other Materials Handling Equipment (MHE) responsible for driving around and within your racking systems. These individuals are at the forefront of potential damage to the racking.

Forklift drivers and MHE operators are often the best-suited personnel to carry out internal inspections, given their regular interaction with the racking systems. Enhancing their awareness of rack safety importance can significantly contribute to reducing the current levels of damage.

Additionally, warehouse management and Health & Safety personnel stand to gain valuable insights from this training, often taking on the crucial role of the PRRS (Person Responsible for Racking Safety). According to HSE guidance:

“Any damage found should be immediately reported to the PRRS.”

“The PRRS should determine the frequency of internal inspections based on risk assessment of the warehouse operating conditions.”

Upon completing this one-day training session, delegates will acquire the necessary knowledge to conduct their own internal racking inspections. Furthermore, they will be presented with a Certificate of Attendance, valid for three years. This certification attests to their competence in promoting and maintaining rack safety within your warehouse.